the embassy rv advantage

In order to stand out you have to set yourself apart in a way that truly makes difference. At Embassy RV we’ve completely rethought how Class B vehicles are designed, built and used. We believe that once you’ve discovered our advantages and compared our vehicle to the competition you’ll be ready to buy an Embassy.

Embassy advantage

quality & value

By using high-quality materials and components, we create an overall better value for our customers. Things last longer, operate as designed, and allow you to enjoy your RV for many more years to come.

With over 30 years of experience building commercial vehicles and satisfied customers nationwide, we’ve got a track record that speaks for itself.

Embassy advantage

built to last

Many RV manufacturers are concerned more about the speed of production than the long-term quality of the vehicle. When you spend your hard-earned money on a Class B RV you should expect it to last. A breakdown miles from home is no vacation either.

We take the time to carefully craft each Embassy Class B RV to make sure it’s right before it goes out the door. You can count on your vehicle to perform dependably while you’re out enjoying yourself for years to come.

embassy advantage

battery powered perfection

At Embassy RV we don’t think you should have to pay extra for equipment you don’t need.

Our grade “A”, modular lithium-Ion battery system allows you to choose exactly how much on-board power you need to suit your individual Class B lifestyle. It also helps keep the purchase price within your budget.

Like to connect to campsite power once you arrive? Start with a 300 amp hour, UL approved system to use while you’re out on the road. Need more power? Just add an additional battery to get 600 amp hour service.

Want to go completely off-grid? Our UL approved, 600 amp option with additional 280 amp alternator and auto engine start will operate the electrical features of your Embassy Class B RV for days at a time on a single charge, and can be quickly recharged with the vehicle’s gasoline engine in just over an hour.

Both options include our advanced battery management system with Bluetooth™ connectivity for your smartphone.

And because we searched and found the best quality, most energy-efficient motors, lights, and appliances possible, our batteries easily outlast and out perform generator equipped vehicles.

Standard UL Approved 300ah System :
• Upgradable service
• Battery Management System with Bluetooth™
• Highest Quality Grade “A” lithium (LFP)
• No generator or LP!

Optional UL Approved 600ah System:
• Additional 300ah battery required
• Add 280 amp alternator
• Add auto engine start (not available on Sprinter)
• Battery Management System with Bluetooth™
• 2-6 day run time, 1-2 hour recharge
• 5 year battery for long term value

Use campsite power or go completely off-grid
Add additional batteries
for more power
“We don’t think you should have to pay extra for equipment you don’t need.”
embassy advantage

superior materials

Sometimes the industry standard just isn’t high enough. Traditional wood RV components just don’t stand up to years of use. Humidity and leaks can also cause wood to swell and warp. Moisture can lead to mold and mildew which can lead to odors and health problems.

Our modular cabinet system uses marine-grade composites for a high-tech look and a lifetime of durability. The all-aluminum framework keeps everything dimensionally stable.

The structurally reinforced, composite fiberglass floor is impervious to water. Using advanced 3M adhesives instead of screws means fewer pierce points where leaks can start. It also greatly reduces the vehicle weight, which can help with fuel economy.

Embassy RV is proud to partner with 3M Adhesives as part of our manufacturing process.

Cabinet Frames
Fiberglass Floor
Embassy advantage

easy to service

We know all vehicles will need service from time to time. Embassy RV has designed our vehicles with ease of service in mind.

Easy access to major systems means less time and trouble when servicing. Using high quality, commercially available components whenever possible means it’s more easy to find the parts needed to make repairs, even out on the road.

Embassy advantage

water system

To improve on-board capacity, the twin fresh and gray collapsable water tanks work together to save space and allow the tanks to be stored inside, instead of underneath the vehicle.

As you use the fresh water in the lower tank, the used “gray” water goes down the drain and fills the upper tank. Each one gradually replacing the volume of the other for ultimate efficiency.

Our ozone water purification system means you’ve always got filtered, drinkable water on-demand.

embassy advantage

insulation: The core of comfort

Quality insulation is essential for a comfortable living space. It makes sure the money and energy you spend heating and cooling your vehicle doesn’t go out the window. The Embassy Class B RV takes that as seriously as you do

We use up to 8 layers of aircraft-grade insulation with an R5 value that multiplies with each layer, which means you can bring your vehicle to temperature faster and hold it there longer. And unlike other insulation materials, it won’t absorb moisture or odors, so your air quality stays fresh and clean for many years. All this efficiency means less battery use too.

Insulation Benefits
6 to 8 layers of R5 aircraft insulation
• Will not absorb moisture or odors
• Lower heating & cooling cost
• Less battery use

“Sometimes the industry standard just isn’t high enough.”

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