The Embassy® Traveler SPORT™ offers you all the quality and innovation you expect from our vehicles at a lower price. Built exclusively on the Ford Transit chassis, the unique floor plan and exciting special features make this vehicle a great choice for tailgate and campsite entertaining as well as weekend adventure getaways.



The innovative and efficient floorpan design of the Embassy Traveler SPORT is built exclusively on the Ford Transit chassis.
available in these chassis:

1. 76” Powered sofa bed

2. Overhead storage cabinets

3. Kitchen counter (marine composite) w/sink

4. Overhead 1.4cu. microwave

5. Sliding pocket doors

6. Dry-flush toilet by Laveo™

7. Convertible vanity with lighted mirror

8. Rear shower

9. Optional rear porch with tent

10. Open storage area

11. Marine composite cabinets (no wood!)

12. Bar top counter with storage beneath

13. 32” Smart HDTV with swing-out bracket allows for viewing outside vehicle through open slider door.

14. Dometic™ cube refrigerator/freezer with swivel mount allows for use outside vehicle through open siding door.

You can count on Embassy to perform dependably for years to come.
EMBASSY traveler | class B RV

FORd transit chassis

The Embassy Sportsman is built exclusively on the Ford Transit Chassis.
Talk with an Embassy representative today to discuss specific chassis features, options, and availability.

ford transit

350 - Length 22’2”
Ex. Long, High Roof 9500 GVWR

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The Embassy RV in a mountain meadow - @2019 Embassy / SVO Group Inc.