The Embassy Traveler is our original flagship design that is changing the way people look at recreational vehicles. Offered with our signature open-concept floorplan and available on three different chassis platforms, the Embassy Traveler is the very top of our line.




You want an open concept layout for your home, you shouldn’t have to settle for less in your class B. The seating, sleeping, and galley areas of the Embassy Traveler are positioned upfront. The cabinets, bathroom, and storage areas are grouped together in back for the most efficient use of space.

Superior materials and technology totally change the game.

lithium Battery

Our UL approved, Lithium-ion battery system is offered two ways: 450 amp or 600 amp with 280 amp alternator. Both will operate the electrical features of your vehicle for days at a time and can be fully recharged with the vehicle’s engine in just over an hour. Both options include an advanced battery management system with Bluetooth™ connectivity for your smartphone.

Large 12v 
Refrigerator - Freezer

This large 6.8 cubic foot, dual compressor refrigerator with pull out freezer drawer is the largest of its kind in any Class B. There’s plenty of room for you to stock up on produce, beverages, deli items, frozen foods, and more. It only takes 12 volts of power to keep everything cool and fresh.

32” Hide-Away

Folding down from it’s hidden ceiling compartment is the largest HDTV in its class. Includes Samsung® smart features and Sony Blu-ray™ player. HDMI connections for game systems are easily accessible.


additional features

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movable table
by Lagun™

The Lagun™ Table System allows you to mount your table in a variety of locations throughout the vehicle, including in the optional rear porch. It’s fully adjustable and locks in rock-solid for any configuration you may need.

Galley Sink & Countertops

Our galley is equipped with a large, stainless steel sink and a beautiful, high-quality fixture by Moen™ It’s large and deep enough to help with both cooking and clean up. Our countertops bring the luxury and strength of Corain™ out on the road with you. The cabinets underneath store a wastebasket and our water purification system.


The Embassy Traveler is equipped with a microwave oven that will cook your meals while keeping vehicle battery use to a minimum. It’s positioned overhead and out of the way to free up valuable counter space.

Soft, Adjustable
LED Lighting

You shouldn’t have to choose between seeing clearly and creating a mood. The fully adjustable, soft LED lighting system ensures you can create whatever lighting is necessary or      desired whether it’s bright light to read by or low light to help you unwind and relax.

Retractable Awning

The optional retractable 8' awning creates a shaded living space just outside the side door of your vehicle. Equipped with wind sensor technology, the awning automatically retracts if wether conditions become too severe.


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The Embassy RV in a mountain meadow - @2019 Embassy / SVO Group Inc.