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Dolphin SL

Embassy continues its reputation for innovation with the Dolphin SL™. It’s revolutionary floorplan allows for two separate sleeping areas, one of which converts into a desk or extended countertop area. It’s ideal for travelers who prefer or need to sleep separately. It also features the largest storage capacity of any Embassy vehicle.



Separate Sleeper Concept

Even the closest couples sometimes like to sleep separately. And most business partners aren’t that close to begin with. The Embassy® Dolphin SL™ provides two separate sleeping areas: one as a telescoping sofa bed in front and an convertible platform bed in back.

The two sleeping areas are far enough apart to ensure you won’t disturb anyone who decides to turn in early or sleep in late

Platform Bed

Located in the rear section of the vehicle, this platform bed is more than meets the eye. The 48” x 72" sleeping space features four, removable triple-density foam cushions supported by two rigid removable platforms that span the lower storage area. Rearrange the cushions and platforms to create a convertible workspace.

Workspace with an

even more

All Embassy Class B RVs have been configured to provide more storage than any other vehicle in its class. The Dolphin SL takes storage to the max!

In addition to our standard cabinets and overhead bins, the Embassy® Dolphin SL™ features a large ( 41”w x 27”h x 48”d ) storage area underneath the rear platform bed for multiple storage bins or even folding electric bikes. Two additional cubby holes are also located on either side of the platform.

lithium Battery

Our UL approved, Lithium-ion battery system will operate the electrical features of your vehicle for days at a time and can be fully recharged with the vehicle’s engine in just over an hour. Options include an advanced battery management system with Bluetooth™ connectivity for your smartphone.

SPLIT side-vent
AC System

The 12 volt Split System AC on the Embassy Dolphin SL is unlike any other. Instead of a conventional roof-mounted RV AC unit, we use a true automotive system with its components inside the vehicle. That keeps the roofline clean and less “RV like.”

The high-pressure airflow is circulated through 4 side-mounted vents at 90cfm that only draw 1.5 - 2 amps DC. The “auto-on" feature cools everything down if the inside temperature rises above 86° which is great for owners with pets.


additional features

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Marine Composite Countertops

The countertops in the galley and cabin area are made with durable marine composite materials that are both attractive and durable. The galley features a large, 16"x18"x8" stainless sink with fixture by Jacuzzi™


All Embassy Class B RVs are equipped with a microwave oven that will cook your meals while keeping vehicle battery use to a minimum. It’s positioned overhead and out of the way to free up valuable counter space.

Soft, Adjustable
LED Lighting

You shouldn’t have to choose between seeing clearly and creating a mood. The fully adjustable, soft LED lighting system ensures you can create whatever lighting is necessary or desired whether it’s bright light to read by or low light to help you unwind and relax.