core features

Every Embassy® RV comes standard with the core features, materials, and technology that make them one of the best built, highest quality vehicles you’ll ever buy. They are the foundation on which all our other features depend, and on which we have built our reputation.


By taking the time to completely re-think the traditional location of key features, we’ve been able to keep the main cabin area open and spacious. There’s lots of room to spread out and enjoy your class B lifestyle.


Wood RV components just don’t stand up to years of use, so you won’t find any in our vehicles. Embassy uses marine-grade composite materials as well as aluminum cabinet frames and a one-piece composite fiberglass sub-floor to serve as the sure foundation of quality.

There’s lots of room to spread out and enjoy your Class B lifestyle.

battery powered perfection

All Embassy Class B RV models are built around the strength of our core Lithium-ion and AGM battery systems. By using the best quality, most energy-efficient motors, lights, and appliances possible, our batteries easily outlast and outperform generator equipped vehicles.

powerful &

12v 20,000 BTU Air conditioner

Keep your vehicle cool and your battery use at a minimum with our ultra-efficient 12v Air Conditioner. The AC works together with our 8 layer aircraft insulation process to bring your vehicle to the desired temperature faster and hold it there longer.

hydronic heat

Our gasoline hydronic system heats your air and water quickly and more efficiently than electric or LP systems.


We use 8 layers of specialized aircraft insulation that allows all of our other systems to become ultra-efficient. Unlike other RV insulation materials, it won’t absorb moisture or odors. Your vehicle will stay fresh and clean smelling for many years to come.

Our core features are the sure foundation of innovation & quality.


Switch from changing area with table and lighted vanity mirror to a fully functional bathroom in seconds! Includes your choice of toilet system, handheld shower unit, in-floor shower pan with dual drains, and sliding marine composite doors that keep water out of the main cabin. Privacy and efficiency are yours.

water system
with flitration

Twin fresh and gray water tanks work together to save space and allow the tanks to be stored inside, instead of underneath the vehicle. No worries about freezing water lines. Our ozone water purification system means you’ve always got filtered, drinkable water on-demand.

EMBASSY core features

controlled custom

Even with all the years of thought we’ve put into our designs, sometimes a customer needs a little something extra. Embassy’s Controlled Custom process can make that happen for you.
We listen to your requests, and if it’s possible, we propose a solution based on our strict quality and manufacturing standards. Any custom additions must not compromise the quality of the existing design and must be as durable and dependable as the rest of the vehicle. That’s how we keep custom under control.

Carl & Kathy's Hobby

Embassy owners Carl & Kathy Cavitt have a rather unusual hobby. And when they asked us to help them find a way to bring their hobby along with them we were determined to make it happen!

Watch is this short clip from their customer testimonial video to learn more.

EMBASSY core features

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