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Embassy Battery Systems

Better Battery By Lithionics®

When we set out to build a better RV, we started with the battery first and built the rest of the vehicle around it. It had to be UL listed, long-lasting, fast-charging, and able to easily power everything in the vehicle. We wanted a Lithium-ion system, but knew they weren’t all “created equal” When we found Lithionics Battery® of Clearwater Florida, we knew our search was over.

Embassy uses UL listed 450 and 600 amp-hour lithium-ion batteries from Lithionics. These state-of-the-art power plants are made from only the highest-quality “Grade A” lithium. They meet and exceed all our discriminating standards.

UL Listing Makes A Big Difference

The UL listing makes our battery the only one of its kind that’s allowed to be installed inside the vehicle. Other Lithium-ion systems must be mounted outside or underneath due to toxic gasses that can escape during use. That leaves other batteries vulnerable to road damage and exposure to the elements. The UL listed, Lithionics battery system inside your Embassy RV is safe, warm, and dry for years of dependable service. Add that to the 20,000 lb. crush and fire test and you have the safest Lithium-ion system you can buy.

Battery Management System

Lithionics NeverDie® Battery Management System (BMS) features protective safety features, as well as charge status and state-of-charge monitoring with Bluetooth™ and your smartphone. It ensures your lithium batteries are operated within their rated specifications. This increases the lifespan of your battery system and protects your valuable investment.

The test laboratory at Lithionics Battery

Charge Time

So how long will it take to charge your lithium battery? Embassy changes the game by offering a 3000 watt (6000 peak watt) inverter and an additional 280 amp alternator.

A standard 2000 watt RV inverter would easily power our vehicle, but by adding a more powerful 3000 watt (6000 peak-watt) inverter, you get 150 amp charging when plugged-in. That’s nearly twice as fast as our competitors. And by adding our additional 280 amp alternator, you can charge your battery using the vehicle engine at 150 amps in just over an hour.

Battery Performance

How do Embassy’s lithium batteries perform? Let’s use air conditioning for an example. Based on our internal testing and customer data, in temperate conditions, our 450ah battery can run the air conditioner on low for 12 hours and still have a 30% charge. Our 600ah system performs the same test for nearly 24 hours.

And because we searched and found the best quality, most energy-efficient motors, lights, appliances, and electronics possible, our batteries easily outlast and out perform generator equipped vehicles.


  • UL Listed Lithium-Ion battery by Lithionics®
  • NeverDie® Battery Management System (BMS) by Lithionics®
  • 450 or 600 amp-hour system
  • Optional 280 amp alternator for superior engine charging power
  • Powerful 3000/6000 peak-watt inverter for fast 150 amp cord charging
  • The only UL listed battery allowed to be inside the vehicle.
  • Highest quality “Grade A” Lithium
  • NO Generator!


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