Embassy Class B RV

Every inch of the Embassy Class B RV has been thoughtfully crafted to make maximum use of all available space and include all the features you expect. Discover everything that makes this vehicle the obvious choice for all your adventures.

Styled interior of the Embassy Class B RV - @2019 Embassy / SVO Group Inc.

open concept

By taking the time to completely re-think the traditional location of key features, we’ve been able to keep the main cabin area open and spacious.


Best In Class Storage

Every cubic inch of the Embassy Class B RV has been efficiently configured to provide more storage than any other vehicle in its class. Cabinets overhead, underneath and behind are designed for easy access and maximum capacity.


Composite Cabinets

The cabinets in the Embassy Class B RV masterfully divide and configure all the useable space inside the cabin. The lightweight and extremely durable marine-grade composite panels hang on a structurally integrated aluminum framework that enhances the vehicle’s overall durability. The luxurious, high gloss, textured finish ties it all together with unmatched contemporary style.

Embasst RV wth Porch / Tent option @2019 Embassy / SVO Group Inc.

Porch With Tent

This optional feature is easy to set-up and unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a Class B. It instantly adds additional sleeping and living space, or enjoy it as a screened-in back porch on your home away from home.




Customer Story

Meet carl & Kathy Cavitt

New Embassy RV enthusiasts Carl and Kathy Cavitt pick up 'Emma" their new PRL model Class B and talk about why they decided to choose Embassy.

(Spoiler alert: It was all about our quality.)


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The Embassy RV in a mountain meadow - @2019 Embassy / SVO Group Inc.